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“VIDEO Reveals the Secret Formula to Train More Clients, Earn More Money, and Have More Freedom”

Dear Fitness Professional,

Are you spending hours in the gym training clients?

Maybe spending hours in front of your laptop?

Do you wish you had more free time?

Would you like to work less and make more?

Imagine if you could clone yourself.

Seriously, close your eyes and pretend that you had a team of lookalikes helping you get more done…

You get out of bed early in the morning and your identical twin has a fresh, delicious breakfast prepared just for you. Walk outside and there is another duplicate ready to drive you to your office.

When you get to work, you open the front door and stop dead in your tracks. Your mouth drops wide open.

You are breathless and amazed at what you see.

Inside your office, there is a virtual army of people who look like you, talk like you, act like you. Literally hundreds of lookalikes helping thousands of clients with their workouts. Each client is getting a customized training plan, complete with step-by-step instructions, detailed coaching tips, and savvy strategies to make the most out of each session.

It’s a shocking sight to watch all of your doubles dashing around, checking in new clients, saying goodbye to clients as they finish their workouts. Answering phones, sending emails, generating leads, selling.

All for you.

Before you can get past the entrance, one of your clones greets you warmly and hands you a sack of money. You know, one of those old-fashioned money bags that has a drawstring at the top. And it’s packed with your earnings for the past week–more than you used to earn in an entire month!

You pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.

Keep reading to find out how to make this dream a reality.


What If You Had an Army of Virtual Trainers, Working Around The Clock, Running Your Personal Training Business for You?

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to say that you’re passionate and enthusiastic about helping others with your knowledge of training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset strategies. And you probably coach your clients in one of three ways:

1) Offline at a brick-and-mortar facility or outdoors

2) Online

3) A combination of offline and online coaching

I bet you want to help your existing clients better and spread your knowledge to new clients. Without working more. Right?

Learn How You Can Use Smart Technology To Train Unlimited Clients And Make Money Without Spending Hours In The Gym 


Choose Which Scenario Best Describes You:
Scenario #1: Brick-and-Mortar Fitness Coach

Let’s say a prospective client walks into your office looking for an exercise program. Of course you’d sign him up. No problem.

Now pretend another 2,500 prospective clients line up in front of your office 10 minutes later. They all want customized workouts. They all have different goals, experience levels, injury histories.

Some have gym memberships. Others want at-home workouts that don’t require any equipment. Many of these potential clients are athletes playing multiple sports.

And they all sign up. Every single one of them.

Can you handle the new business?

If you’re a gigantic commercial fitness facility, it would take you (plus a dozen qualified staff) months to evaluate each member, and generate their first workouts. There would be canceled appointments, no-shows, and a ton of scheduling-related headaches.

Just getting clients in the door for their first workout session (and managing your employees) would be a logistical nightmare. Speaking of employees…

Can you keep your staff loyal and happy? Can you manage vacation requests, hiring, firing, and the laundry list of other tasks that go along with running a busy fitness business?

With so many new clients you would spend hours answering the same questions over and over again, handling customer issues, and making sure that your new clients are 100% satisfied.

Of course, that assumes you have a foolproof system for screening new clients, creating customized workouts, and evaluating progress on a regular basis.

Would your “foolproof system” allow you to train 250 or 2,500 or 25,000 new clients?

Every single day?

Without spending more time in the gym?


Scenario #2: Online Fitness Coach

You spend countless hours marketing, selling, and running your online fitness business.

Targeted prospects visit your blog from around the globe and become clients after they purchase your front-end $47 “body-transformation system” or other static fitness information product.

On the back-end, you probably have a $197-per-month premium coaching program that promises to deliver an individualized, dynamic workout plan. This is an amazing opportunity for 100-or-so clients that want a “hands-on” experience; however, it turns out to be a real headache for you.

Even the most passionate and enthusiastic professional may burn out if you work too much. And if you become successful yet lack a systematized approach to running your business–you WILL work too much and eventually dislike your passion.

Think about it this way: You may love ice cream and pizza. Once a week, you indulge on a few slices of thin-crust pizza and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. But if you became a professional pizza-and-ice-cream taster, over time you may feel queasy just thinking about the weekly cheat meals that you now look forward to.

Truth is, as challenging as it is to manage only 100 premium clients, it would be nearly impossible to offer a dynamic workout to 1,000 or even 10,000 clients. Simply put, you are limited by the MANUAL process of designing, generating, and emailing these tailor-made programs. The way you are running your online coaching business is neither automated nor systematized.

The weak link in the chain is you.

That’s because you’re limited by the static templates that must be manually tweaked and modified for most every client that doesn’t fit into your predefined fat-loss or muscle-building programs.

Heck, unless you offer a truly dynamic workout that changes AUTOMATICALLY based on your client’s exercise background, goals, injuries, medical limitations, commitment level, available equipment, motivation, etc…

…you’re always going to be working overtime trying to manage the creation and delivery of customized workouts for your online coaching clients.


Want a Done-for-You Online Personal Training System… So You Can Train Unlimited Clients 24/7, Earn Unlimited Monthly Income, and Live Anywhere in the World

Does this sound like you…

After you’re finished signing up a new personal training client, you ask questions about their goals, health history, exercise history, injuries, sport, and sport-season status. You inquire about their nutrition habits, sleep, and stress management strategies.

You test your new client to establish a baseline from which future progress is measured. Finally, you create a workout, nutrition, and recovery program, based on the information you just gathered.

When it comes to a designing and delivering a custom-tailored workout, you may be using one of the following methods:

  • Paper-and-pencil
  • Photocopied workout templates
  • Spreadsheets
  • Software that requires you to manually create and email each client’s workout
  • Delegate the task to someone else
I have a confession to make—I used all five methods, unsuccessfully, when I started my personal training career.


As my business grew to four locations and a handful of staff, I needed a reliable solution for generating and delivering custom-tailored workouts, complete with step-by-step exercise demonstrations, and cutting-edge coaching tips. In particular, this “workout engine” had to be 100% automated and available 24/7.


Time to Ditch the Spreadsheet, Clipboard, and Filing Cabinet… And Get Your Life Back

One day, as I sat back behind a stack of printed workouts, feeling tired and overwhelmed, I realized that the 12-hour days were getting old. Not spending time with my family, wolfing down meals between clients, and rushing through my own workouts—it was all getting very old.

Slaving day and night is not what I signed up for when I decided to get into the health and fitness business.

And that’s when I remembered this famous quote: 

“I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men,


than 100% of my own effort.”

J. Paul Getty

J. Paul Getty made billions as an oil tycoon. It didn’t happen by accident. He systematized and delegated everything.

Think about this concept for a moment. Delegation is the ultimate way to leverage your time. When you have a virtual army of trainers and coaches working for you, you have the freedom to do what you want–relaxing or generating new business.


Focus On Your Strengths and Delegate Everything Else

I had another thought that day, sitting behind all of that paperwork.

I could work 12-hour days for the rest of my life and only help a limited number of people who lived within a short distance of my personal training facilities. Even with a small staff and a few locations, I would continue to work 80 hours weekly just managing the business.

Like you, I was born to teach people how to train, eat, and sleep better. Unless I cloned myself 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 times, I would never be able to spread the good word about healthy living, and still have time left in the day to do what I wanted.

And that’s when I had a revelation. My eureka moment.

What if I had an automated, all-in-one system to design and deliver custom-tailored workouts to an unlimited number of clients?

Well, now I do. And you do too.

It’s called WorkoutEnginePro—the smart way to automatically create and deliver customized workout routines.

The best part? You’ll make more and have more time to do the things you love.


Want the Secret Formula to Train More Clients, Earn More Money, and Work Fewer Hours?
Use WorkoutEnginePro to grow your training business, create a new business, or simply spend less time training clients in the gym.

You know that the average personal trainer has never sat down and written out an annual periodization plan. When it comes to workout program design, they often don’t fully comprehend how certain variables (sets, reps, exercise, order of exercise, rest interval, rep tempo, training frequency, equipment availability, injury status, coach-to-athlete ratio, training environment, etc.) are organized to produce a desired outcome, like fat loss or muscle gain.

When asked to define their workout “system” on paper, many personal trainers cannot do this… because they don’t have a system. And they are so worried about putting their own personal “brand” on all of the workouts that they fail to realize that there's done-for-you software out there to do this for them.

And these coaches often fail in business because they take that “reinvent-the-wheel” attitude with everything.

The good news is that you don’t need a PhD in exercise science to automatically create and deliver customized workout plans to your clients.

Here’s what you get with WorkoutEngine:

  • Instant Recurring-Revenue Membership Site

    Why create another fitness membership site that offers “static” workouts that you must constantly update and manage. Save time (months or years) and money (hundreds of thousands of dollars) when you use our intelligent software to automatically design and deliver customized workout routines to your clients.

  • Cutting-Edge Exercise Library

    Unlimited step-by-step video demonstrations for each exercise. Your clients see real people doing exercises in motion, the way they’re supposed to be performed. No hard-to-follow cartoon animations.

  • Instant eBook Generator

    Turn the entire workout into a custom ebook with one click. Your clients see their personal workout schedule in a daily, weekly or monthly view. Plus every exercise comes with step-by-step images, easy-to-follow instructions, and detailed coaching tips. Simply print out or view from your mobile device.

  • NEW ADD-ON FEATURE!* Create Your Own Exercise Library

    Use our preloaded exercise video library or your very own branded videos. That’s right, your clients watch YOU teach each exercise and listen as YOU reveal your very best coaching secrets. Simply create the video and exercise descriptions, we do the rest. It’s the ultimate way to brand yourself and your business. Ask us about this special option.

  • Generate Unlimited, Personalized Training Programs in Seconds

    No need to manually assemble every new workout over and over again or recycle old workouts. Intelligent software creates a truly personalized workout every time, automatically. Workouts are fully tailored to your client’s current fitness levels and future goals.

  • NEW ADD-ON FEATURE!* Customize and Brand Your Workout Programs

    Create unlimited new money-making training programs in less time. Simply choose the variables (sets, reps, exercises, etc.) and name your program. You only need to create the program once! The intelligent system will tailor your program for every user, based on their unique needs. Ask us about this special option.

  • Train Unlimited Clients, Earn Unlimited Income

    Now it’s possible to train thousands of clients every day, from anywhere in the world. You’ll earn additional income without adding more hours to your day. It’s the only intelligent online personal training program that allows you to literally automate your business.

  • NEW ADD-ON FEATURE!* Secure Login Thru Your Branded Website

    Clients can login thru your own secure private training site with usernames and passwords. It’s completely automated and so simple. Ask us about this special option.

  • No Software to Download, No Programming Necessary

    You don’t need any computer skills to start using WorkoutEnginePro right now. All you need is Internet access and a good attitude.

  • Done-for-You Affiliate Training Videos

    Step-by-step video training tutorials show you simple strategies to make more with WorkoutEngine.

  • Real-Time Sales Reporting and Affiliate Tracking Tools

    We’ve eliminated the fluff and left you with the essential graphs and data to see what’s working–so you can do more of it.

  • Earn Up to 75% Lifetime Recurring Commission

    When your customer purchases through your special affiliate link, you earn up to 75% for as long as they stay a member.

  • And much, much more!

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Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine how awesome your life will be when you have a team helping you get more done. Picture what you will do with your newfound freedom.

Now get ready to make your dream a reality.

To our success,

Joseph Arangio
Founder, WorkoutEngine + WorkoutEnginePro


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